The Societal Web

Our principles

There's a few principles that apply here, but only a few. We understand that Complexity destroys Experience and Expertise, so we'll strive to keep things as simple as we can. Tell us when we make it hard for you to use the site, if you don't then we can't fix it.


Our house guidelines are pretty straightforward too:

  1. This is a site for business people who are serious about business, who think openly and widely, and let their hair down.
  2. Assume good intent.
  3. No spamming.
  4. Zero-tolerance of any content that is illegal, unethical or constitutes harassment or bullying.

We don't monitor or moderate content before you post it and we won't edit it or delete it except when we have to. That can happen if there is a possibility of legal action for things like libel, but we expect that to be pretty rare.

Our Vision

We are a home for millions of ideas and opinions - (That's aspirational, and some of what we talk about here will be, when it isn't true yet, we'll try to remember to flag it like this. If we don't - call us on it). Our aim is to support and help you spread your ideas and opinions widely through the use of internet based tools and techniques and by facilitating collaborative relationships.

Our Terms and Policies

Of course we do have Terms and conditions and things like Privacy policies, but then, you'd expect that. We think they are fair and balanced and don't make things complicated, but again, if you don't agree tell us. We'll always consider making them fairer and simpler.